What is Bloof?

Bloof is an infrastructure for analytical processing of version control data. Its main application, the Bloof Browser provides a comfortable user interface for analysing and navigating the history of software projects.

Bloof is concepted by Lukasz Pekacki in the course of his master thesis (German: Diplomarbeit ) in computer science at Freie Universitšt Berlin. The aim of the thesis is contributing an abstraction layer for analysing software projects to the software evolution research field. The aim of Bloof is helping people in comprehending a software system and the underlying development processes.

Bloof uses version control data for analysing the evolution of software projects. Bloof is build for being integrated into other applications, providing a Java API and a scripting interface for access and a XML output format. For new releases and recent development on the project take a look on the News and Status page.