Package net.sf.bloof.scm.cvsplugin

Class Summary
CvsAccess Container for access information in order to access a CVS repository
CvsConnection Defines a connection with a CVS server.
CvsConnectionMethod Defines the possible types of connection methods.
CvsPlugin SCM plugin for CVS
ExternalProcessServerConnection Defines a server connection to the local machine.
LoginDetails Defines details needed for logging in to servers that require password authorization.
LogParser Parser for a CVS log file
MindBrightSSHConnection Defines a server connection via SSH protocol
PServerConnection Connection method via CVS Pserver protocol
RepositoryLocation Defines the location of a repository.
Revision Container class for a Revision of a CVS controlled file
RevisionIterator SCM Iterator on all revision of the specified CVS module

Exception Summary
CvsConnectionException Exception that can happen during connecting cvs server
CvsException The base class for all exceptions relating to CVS problems.
InvalidRepositoryLocationException This exception is thrown when the user tries to construct a RepositoryLocation object and the format of the location is invalid.
LogSyntaxException Exception class for syntax error of CVS logfiles

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