News and Status

This document contains the latest news and status regarding the Bloof Shell project. It is here you'll find announcements related to Bloof.

Current Status

We are currently working on Bloof Shell 0.1 Beta 1. It will propably occur in the end of August 2003. It will be the beta version before Bloof Shell 0.1 will be released.

26 August 2003 - Bloof Shell 0.1 Alpha 1 is released!

Bloof Shell 0.1 Alpha 1 is the first release of the Bloof Shell. Its main functions are

  • Import of CVS version control data via pserver, ssh or local log file.
  • Storage of procced data in a McKoi or Postgres database.
  • Running various software evolution queries against the data.
  • Running generic SQL query agaings version control data and visualizing it.
  • Filtering file groups, developer groups and time intervals.
  • Exporting results to XML files.